SMD Screen I LED Video Wall

In modern conference rooms, you will commonly find an LED screen, but a video wall will help you to elevate and upraise your presentation to a next level. You can share your videos, motion graphics, and PowerPoint slides as well. The viewing range can be expanded more easily with multiple screens. Also, this way you will have unlimited options and no need to stick to just one display. For example, If you have a file, graph, and chart to share in your presentation you can display it in the right-hand row of screens for reference—then in the left-hand row of screens you can give your presentation. You can add these video walls as a modern upgrade to your office conference rooms, performance venues, and large presentation spaces.

  1. PPT Files
  2. Presentation
  3. Animation
  4.  MP4 videos
  5. Live streaming

Sound System

Rental sound system is provided by Event Arena. High-quality sound system is an essential because everyone wants to hear what is being presented at the event, which is highly critical for maintaining a better attendee engagement. Different sizes of sound systems are available that range from a small sound system with a couple of speakers to complete Line array packages that include PA systems, microphones, peripherals, mixers, and stands.

Audio packages can also be customized as per your event needs.

  1. Following can be included  in your rental sound package:
  2. Amplifiers
  3. Stands
  4. DI boxes
  5. Equalizers
  6. Peripherals
  7. Microphone Kits with wired or wireless, lavalier, handheld, or tabletops microphones are available.
  8. Mixers with 4 to 16 channels are also available.

Trussing and Lights

To support and position your lighting equipment overhead, a lightning truss system is a must that is actually the backbone of theatrical lighting. Trusses can bear a significant amount of weight safely and also span great lengths. Truss comes in different shapes and sizes and are very easy to bolt together. Different  shapes of Trusses include:

  • Square Truss
  • U-Truss
  • Triangle
  • curved trusses

Along with the rental stage rigging trusses from Extreme Lighting & Grip, you can also select highly maintained equipment in the exact size and shape that is needed for your particular project at a reasonable price. Only we can get you the truss equipment as per your need without any delay. With our experience of several years in production lighting, we can also guide you in designing the most reliable and safe truss system for your set.
Following lights are available for rent:

  • Stage face light
  • SMD Lights
  • Cob lights
  • Moving Head
  • LED Blinder
  • Stage face light
  • SMD Lights ,
  • Cob lights
  •  Moving Head
  • LED Blinder


If you want to make a smart choice that will also save you money and prevent any headache then you must choose Aventarena for rental generator needs for your event. Our highly professional and devotional customer service staff is available 24/7 making generator rental easily fit according to your demanding schedule. Don’t hesitate to reach out/contact for any advice or tips on the best rental units for your particular event. Eventarena will make sure that your every single event that rely on power is a huge and unusual success that rely on power. 25KVA to 200 KVA range Generators are available for rent.

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